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Sea Cow Oyster (per dozen)
Sea Cow Oysters
Sea Cow Oysters
Item#: SKU618
$18.95, 5/$84.75

Product Description
South Puget Sound is an area known for producing full-flavored oysters, and our Sea Cows are no exception. They're rich and creamy, with a more pronounced metallic finish than oysters from our home farm. Because they're tumbled, they have a deep cup and consistent shape. Compared to our crisper-tasting Blue Pools, they're a study in merroir: in how a watershed's chemistry and micro-algal community influence an oyster's flavor. Sea Cows are named after the Steller Sea Cow, an extinct kelp-eating manatee that once lived up and down the Pacific Coast.

All our oysters are priced and sold by the dozen, with a minimum order of two dozen total.

Remember that consuming raw oysters increases the risk of foodborne illness.